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Sunset Lamp Projector

Sunset Lamp Projector

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Illuminate your evenings with the magic of a sunset.


 Product Description:

The Sunset Lamp USB Rainbow Projector Night Light is an innovative and convenient lamp perfect for setting the mood in any room.


  • Projects a beautiful spectrum of colors onto any surface, creating a unique ambiance
  • Versatile lamp for any occasion, whether it's a party, night light, or emergency lamp
  • Portable design for easy use anywhere
  • Powered by a USB connection, easy to set up and use
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs for hours of enjoyment
  • Choose from a variety of color settings to create your desired atmosphere


  • Adds a touch of personality to your decor
  • Creates a relaxed vibe or amps up the energy in any room
  • Makes a great night light or emergency lamp
  • Adds pizzazz to your life with its stunning and unique ambiance


  • Power source: USB connection
  • LED bulbs: Long-lasting
  • Color settings: Variety of options available

Package Includes:

  • Sunset Lamp USB Rainbow Projector Night Light
  • USB Connection Cable


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